NGC Wind Gearboxes on Stock

Gearboxes on Stock with short delivery

Having gearboxes on stock ready to ship is a time-saving solution to keep turbine down-time to a minimum in an replacement case.
At NGC you can choose between new and refurbished gearboxes for your replacement.

Take a look at the overview below to find out about gearbox models currently on stock at NGC Europe.

Make your order and your replacement gearbox is at your site within shortly.

If you cannot find the gearbox model you are looking for, call or email us for assistance using the contact details on the right.

DELIVERY TIME for the models mentioned in the table below is approx. 2 weeks.

Overview | Wind Gearboxes on Stock

Main Gearbox GE GE 2.75-120 FDM3C
Main Gearbox GE GE 3.2-103 FDM3
Main Gearbox GE GE 3.8-130 FDM5C
Main Gearbox GE GE 3.6-137 FDM5
Main Gearbox GE GE 3.0-137 FDM4C
Main Gearbox GE GE 3.0-137 FDM4D
Main Gearbox GE GE 1.6-100 FDME
Main Gearbox SGRE SG 2.1-114 FDG11450B
Main Gearbox SGRE SG 2.6-114 FD2750GC
Main Gearbox Sinovel SL1500 FD1775C

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