Vertical Mill Gearboxes
MLX Series


NGC’s vertical mill gearboxes of the MLX, MLXD, MLXSS Series are designed to withstand high torque and extreme conditions. These rugged gearboxes are essential to transmit power, reduce the rotating speeds, and supporting the mill’s millstone. They require high power rating and an extremly high availablility. Higher axial and partical radial forces during the grinding process are transmitted to the mill foundation through thrust bearing and its housing.


Technical Data

Design 3 types
Transmission Stages 2 or 3
2-stages (1 bevel, 1 planetary gear stage)
3-stages (1 bevel, 1 parallel, 1 planetary gear stage OR 1 bevel, 2 planetary gear stages)
Range of Ratio 20 - 60
Rated Power 80 - 9,000 kW


  • Optimized gear meshing accuracy with low noise and high efficiency
  • Deformation during operational processes is ensured to be low (FEM-designed)
  • Patented thrust bearing technology
  • Guaranteed high manufacturing quality and reliability


  • Grinders for raw material, coal, cement, slag, gypsum and coal ash
  • Pre-grinding processes
  • Coal and limestone mills in power plants