Single-Side Double Drive Gearboxes
Series MSBY


Innovatively designed, NGC’s MSBY girth gearboxes can drive the tube mill through the girth gears. The main motor is connected to one side of the input shaft of the gearbox, whereas the auxiliary drive device is connected to the other side. The gearbox forms a unit with the girth gear, and is directly meshed and driven through the girth gear. Thus, this gearbox solution requires less parts, which in turn means that it requires less space, so that installation and operation costs are reduced.


Technical Data

Design 1 type
Transmission Stages 3 - power split structure with parallel gears
Range of Ratio up to 15
Rated Power 1,250 - 10,000 kW


  • Optimized meshing accuracy of gears with low noise and high efficiency
  • Perfect load distribution
  • Housing and planetary carriers are optimized by FEM, ensuring that the deformation during operation is small and stable
  • Compact design for more effective use of the girth gear


  • Cement processing
  • Grinding in the mining industry
  • Tube mills