Ship Unloaders


NGC’s XCJ series gearboxes are uniquely designed and applied to four-reel drive systems of ship unloaders. The input motions of the lifting motor, open-close motor, and the walking motor are conversed and decomposed into the motion combination with different rotating directions and rotating speeds of the four reels, helping to control a series of operations of lifting, opening, closing, and walking. These gearboxes are key to ship unloader performances.

Technical Data

Product Group XCJ
Range of Ratio 11.2 - 50
Loading Capacity up to 5,000 t/h
Range of Center Distance (2 Output Shafts) 800 - 2,800 mm


  • Special, compact design for different applications
  • Large bearing capacity
  • Tooth surface modification, large teeth contact ratio
  • Smooth transmission
  • Low noise
  • Large center distance range
  • Mechanical sealing, convenient to use and maintain


  • Bridge type grab ship unloaders


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