Roller Press Gearbox
Series GYM


Roller press gearboxes of the GYM Series rotate in two opposite directions, so that small, dry particles are crushed into powder or uniform shapes. Extremely high pressure needs to be generated. Customers therefore should decide on a very powerful and reliable gearbox. NGC roller press gearboxes are running very stable. Housing and planetary carriers are optimally designed by FEM. Deformations during the operation processes are very low. Additionally, those gearboxes are facing a compact design, so that less installation space is needed. They fit in almost any space.

Technical Data

Product Group MP
Transmission Stages 2 or 3
1st stage: parallel gears (configuration according to specific requirements)
+ 2nd stage: planetary gears
+ 3rd stage: planetary gears
Range of Ratio up to 125
Rated Output Torque 200 - 3,200 kNm


  • Optimized gear meshing accuracy with low noise and high efficiency
  • Stable and highly efficient operation
  • Deformation during operation small and stable due to FEM design
  • Compact design
  • Complete gearbox set available (torque reactive force arm system + coupling + oil supply)
  • Easy to install and detach


  • Crushing ore and cement at different stages of the production processes in the cement and mining industry

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