Planetary Center Drives
Series ZX, FZX


Different from MFY/MFYT centrer drive gearboxes, NGC's planetary gearboxes for tube mills, ZX and FZX, adopt a planetary drive structure. The compact design and the larger power capacity compared to the center drives make the ZX and FZX gearboxes very effective in special applications.

Technical Data

Design 2
Transmission Stages 2 or 3
1st stage: parallel gears (configured according to specific requirements)
+ 2 nd stage: planetary gears
+ 3rd stage: planetary gears
Range of Ratio up to 125
Rated Power 1,250 - 10,000 kW


  • Optimized meshing accuracy of gears, low noise, high efficiency
  • Low noise
  • Housing and planetary carriers designed by FEM for stable operation
  • Compact design
  • Ideal power-weight ratio
  • Highly reliabe
  • Esay to operate and maintain
  • High efficiency


  • Cement processing
  • Grinding in the coal and mining industry
  • Tube mills