Smooth Operation of China’s Largest Standardized Chemical Agitation Gearbox

Recently, the MHS series chemical industry agitation dedicated gearbox developed by NGC for application in 16m×41m seed decomposition tank agitation in aluminum oxide production lines was successfully dispatched from the factory. It is currently undergoing a commissioned test-run for over one month; it has performed smoothly at the site of application and is in good condition. This gearbox has been used in the production line capacity enhancement project, after which the motor’s power reached 110 kW, making China’s, and even Asia's most powerful seed decomposition tank in the chemical alumina industry. While maintaining the proprietor’s original equipment installation interface size requirements, the bearing capacity reached 350 kNm, a 20% increase. This project marks NGC’s attainment of China’s leading standard in the field of core equipment and accessories in the chemical alumina industry.

The figure shows the NGC’s MHS Chemical Agitation Dedicated Gearbox

Under the prerequisite of avoiding changing the original imported equipment installation interface, this project succeeded in expanding aluminum plant capacity and broke the monopoly of the industry’s imported products; it is a truly successful case of localization. The product conformed with the proprietor’s practical requirements, facilitated the future replacement of imported gearboxes, and provides maximum convenience for customers during replacement.

The MHS series chemical agitation dedicated gearbox is an industry-specific derivative product based on the latest generation of NGC’s MHB industrial standard gearbox platform. This gearbox adopts advanced modular design technology, offers a short product delivery cycle, and the primary components are highly versatile and interchangeable with fewer specifications. This product was specially designed in regards to industrial characteristics which is closer to the features of the equipment’s application. It has the advantages of a logical and compact structure, high power transmission, enclosed structure and high reliability. It has a special structural design specifically for application in large and irregular impact working conditions. The customer’s high requirements for product quality, operation and maintenance are fulfilled across the board.

The figure shows the NGC’s MHS Chemical Agitation Dedicated Gearbox Application Site

In focusing on industrial gearboxes for almost 50 years, NGC’s standard gearbox products have successfully provided drive system solutions in many industrial fields, including the chemical industry, electric power, environmental protection, papermaking, mining, building materials and metallurgy, etc. Based on the Company’s accumulation of experience over years, plus big data analysis of industrial applications, the MHS product series was developed which applied advanced modular concepts, basic component standardization principles and reliable technology development tools, thereby achieving short product development cycles, high reliability, large-scale benefits, low costs throughout the whole life cycle. Users can choose the most suitable gearbox product according to the product sample and the design requirements of the primary engine, so as to realize a competitive advantage of fast delivery.

The bearing torques of the MHS series chemical agitation dedicated gearboxes ranges from 180 kNm to 350 kNm, with speed ratio range 200-280. The optional scopes of supply includes the main motor, lubrication system, and testing equipment etc. The systematic transmission solutions have further improved market service efficiency and quality, to the point of reliving customers of all worry. The successful application of the MHS series chemical agitation dedicated gearbox was the beginning of the MHB platform-derivative products, laying a solid foundation for the company to further expand into the chemical industry market. (by Zhao Yue)


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