“Prepare in Advance, Drive The Future” - NGC Strikes A Pose at the Shanghai Bauma Exhibition

From November 27th to 30th, the biennial Bauma CHINA exhibition (or Ninth China International Engineering, Building Materials, Mining, and Engineering Vehicles Machinery and Equipment Exhibition) was held with great fanfare at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As a rising “new star” in the field of engineering machinery reducer products, NGC passed its debut performance with flying colors. Mr. Hu Jichun, Group Chairman and President, presented at the booth and provided some on-site instruction. He affirmed the team's achievements, and encouraged everyone present to work harder and achieve greater progress. Mr. Wang Zhengbing, group Vice President and General Manager of the industrial business division, led the NGC delegation, consisting of senior technical and marketing personnel, to participate at the expo. At the Bauma exhibition, NGC not only showcased its high quality products and outstanding service offering, but also answered a number of detailed questions posed by the professional audience regarding product performance and characteristics. The delegation also held in-depth discussions and communications with customers, looking for new innovations in the industry, and for a shared, healthy development strategy.

At site, NGC exhibited solutions for 6 major fields of application:

  1. Walking and rotary solutions for earthmoving machinery including large excavators and bulldozers;;
  2. Lifting and rotary solutions for engineering, construction and hoisting machinery including mobile, crawler, and tower cranes;
  3. Power heads, main and secondary windings, and walking rotary solutions for pile driving machinery such as rotating drills,;
  4. Stirring and rotary solutions for concrete machinery including concrete mixing stations, and concrete pump trucks;
  5. Pavement construction machinery, caterpillar drives, and steel wheel drive solutions for pavement construction machinery including crawler pavers, and road rollers;
  6. Total transmission solutions for tunneling machinery including TBMs (tunnel boring machines), pipe jacking machines, and horizontal directional drilling machines;

All the Company's product lines show a great variety, high machining accuracy, stable transmission and reliable quality. This includes standard walking, winding, and rotary reducers, covering the 6 main industry categories, with more than 16 different kinds of engineering machinery and equipment on offer. Through continuous technological innovation, NGC successfully developed its first batch of domestic walking reducers, which were used on the 70T and 75T series excavators’ SCM-T21 platform. The cost performance of these products is far better than that of similar imported brands. At the same time, NGC can provide a variety of customized products to meet customer requirements. These include small diameter high power density main drive reducers for pipe jacking, which can work for a short time under pressurized water, and can be monitored on-line. The 160KW one-to-three transformer also showed excellent practical performance, and boasts a wide variety of reference cases.

Thanks to its strong technical background, advanced management system, and standardized mass production, as well as an outstanding pre-sales and after-sales service system, NGC’s high-performance products have been very well received in the market. The Company is now a preferred product solutions provider for XCMG (Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Inc), the Sany Group and Zoomlion. In the future, NGC will continue to improve the coverage of its engineering machinery products, sparing no efforts to conquer the key transmission components, and actively contribute to the promotion and transformation of high-end manufacturing industry.

At the conference, initiated by the Xugong Group, the “Industrial Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance for Advanced Construction Machinery and Core Components” was jointly established by NGC and others, a total of more than 60 domestic enterprises and research institutions. This alliance will integrate innovative industry resources, ensure autonomous control of the industry value chain, and solve the “hollowing out” bottleneck of the industry in China. NGC Group is the Vice President member of the Alliance, and its Vice President Mr. Wang Zhengbing was invited to attend the “Industrial Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance for Advanced Construction Machinery And Core Components” conference.


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