NGC Rail Transportation Awarded IRIS “Silver” Certification for Quality Performance

Quality performance pays off: Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Rail Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd. has been awarded with the IRIS silver certificate.

The IRIS Certification covers a set of internationally recognized standards to ensure higher quality, increase efficiency and reduce costs in the rail sector. Companies hoping to achieve the certificate need to set up special requirements for safety, reliability, and quality for the rail industry products. The system reflects the concept of product management across the whole life cycle, encompassing the entire supply chain, with an aim to guarantee customer satisfaction at reasonable prices.

NGC started IRIS in 2012. After a decade of exploration and operation, it has adapted its business to the requirements of the IRIS standard, with customers as the focal point of innovation and perfection. Today, NGC has fully incorporated the IRIS requirements into its business.

NGC's Rail Business in Short

Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Rail Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacture of gearboxes for rail transportation. NGC's rail products cover all series of gearboxes for rail transportation, including subways, inter-city trains, high-speed trains, tramcars, and monorails. These products are installed in more than 30 countries such as China, France, the Netherlands, Singapore, India, Australia, South Africa, Brazil and Argentina. 50,000+ sets of high-quality rail transportation gearboxes have been sold so far around the globe.


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