NGC puts on an Impressive Show at the Beijing Wind Energy Exhibition during the Golden October

On October 17th-19th, the Beijing Wind Energy Exhibition was held at the new China International Exhibition Center. NGC put on an excellent performance here, at the country's largest wind energy event. The exhibition attracted almost 700 exhibitors, and nearly 60,000 attendees. The whole industry chain was represented, with all the equipment and accessories manufacturers gathered together.

NGC has always been pro-active in adapting to changes in the wind energy market, and has been a leading figure in shaping the trends of wind energy gearbox industry. One direct result of this approach was the launch of the company's large megawatt gearbox platform. A 4.x MW gearbox was on show at the exhibition. This is a platform that can be used in both offshore and onshore environments, thanks to its good adaptability. In addition, it boasts a much shorter product development period, a lower life cycle cost and higher reliability.

Also on show were the maritime yaw gearbox and variable pitch gearbox – these are both characterized by their high reliability, long service life, and aging resistance. Their speed ratio can be customized according to user requirements. They both make use of a multi-stage planetary structure, which offers both a smaller footprint and excellent bearing capacity. This is combined with more elaborate gear modification technology, which not only improves the bearing capacity, but also significantly reduces vibrations and noise.

NGC also introduced its plan of gearbox upgrades for the information age. This includes the intelligent management App for transmission equipment, and the gearbox data diagnostics platform, both of which were received with great interest by visitors to the exhibition. Nowadays, the operation and maintenance of wind energy equipment is moving more and more towards intelligent design and operation. NGC is also following this trend, launching the intelligent gearbox in order to better serve its customers. This can carry out big data acquisition and other applications, and provides customers with an integrated intelligent solution, characterized by optimized production standards, management efficiency, safety performances and profitability.


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