NGC in line with APQP4Wind standards

Being a member of well-recognized organization APQP4Wind, NGC continuously improves the alignment of internal processes, product quality and development cycles. NGC’s APQP4Wind project team specifically established a structured end-to-end product development system for new product development projects with European, American, and domestic customers in China. This way, customers and suppliers are directly connected with NGC's internal processes and teams. The impact of this program on the delivery and quality of a project leads to improved customer satisfaction. Quality Vice President of NGC, Mr. Zhen Liu, says: “APQP4Wind […] standardized approach gives us a common language ensuring that we are aligned across our supply chain.”
As well as product development, NGC fulfils APQP4Wind standards in other key processes too, such as project management, design, sourcing, production and quality. It does not just stop there, APQP4Wind steadily lays the basis for new applications.

APQP4Wind and NGC make a perfect match: APQP4Wind stands for maturing quality performance by manufacturers and suppliers, and NGC is committed to zero-defect, perfection and innovation.


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WindEnergy Hamburg
27-30 September 2022
Hamburg (Germany)
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28. Windenergietage
08-10 November 2022
Potsdam, Germany
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22-25 November 2022
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