NGC Group Joins the Strategic Alliance for Technical Innovation in the High-End Engineering Machinery and Core Parts Industries

On November 21st, under the guidance of the CCMA (China Construction Machinery Association), the Strategic Alliance for Technical Innovation in the High-End Engineering Machinery and Core Parts Industries was officially founded in Xuzhou. The Alliance was jointly launched by the XCMG (Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., LTD.), Zhejiang University and 54 other entities from the fields of equipment manufacturing, spare parts manufacturing, institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes, base materials, and others. Among these 56 entities, NGC Group was chosen to act as deputy director.

The Strategic Alliance will be guided by growing demands for technical innovation in the high-end engineering machinery and core parts industries, and look to pool its members' resources to improve integration of the industrial value chain. It will also strengthen coordination between production, study, research and application, improve technical standards and protect intellectual property rights, in order to promote industrial innovation and development.

Mr. Yang Huayong, the first Chairman of the Alliance, is a fellow of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering at Zhejiang University. He said that the Alliance will wholeheartedly promote technological exchanges and cooperation, provide resources for information sharing, and offer new innovation for the country’s industrial upgrading of high-end engineering machinery and core components. “Promoting the development of advanced engineering, key technologies and core parts requires the collaboration of the whole industry chain, with academia and industry working together. This is the real significance of this Alliance.”

For NGC Group, a leading figure in the mechanical drives industry for almost 50 years, yet entering the field of engineering machinery only in the last 2 years, it can be referred to as an “Old General but New Recruit” within the industry. However, NGC has constantly positioned itself as part of the backbone of the core parts industry, and has been greatly supportive of the Alliance’s foundation.

The industrial gearbox business will be a key part of NGC's future development, while gear reducer products for engineering machinery will become the rising "new star". “As a national brand, NGC understands very well the significance and the responsibilities required to master the core competitive power of innovation. We highly value the huge potential of the engineering machinery market. We are also willing to donate what we can to promote the transformation to a high-end manufacturing industry,” said Mr. Wang Zhengbing, Vice President of the Alliance, and Vice President of NGC Group.

Based on the company's years of experience in gearbox design and manufacturing, and relying on a variety of product line platforms, NGC Group has developed a series of gearboxes for engineering machinery including main winch reducers, translation reducers, and rotation reducers.

Adhering to its platform-based, modular design concept, NGC's range of gear reducers for engineering machinery can quickly meet the demands and requirements of various industries. Since the launch of these products, they have been highly praised by all manner of big-name turbine manufacturers. To date, NGC’s engineering machinery gear reducers have found a variety of applications in pile drivers, excavators, horizontal directional drilling machines, cranes, crawler cranes, marine engineering applications and TBMs (Tunnel Boring Machine).


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