Manufacturing Indonesia Debut – Increasing NGC’s Brand Awareness in the Southeast Asian market

The 29th Manufacturing Indonesia exhibition was held from 5th - 8th December 2018 at the Jakarta International Expo. As one of the largest manufacturing exhibitions in Asia, Manufacturing Indonesia is well known and respected among industry professionals. The show attracted 1600 exhibitors and 30,000 trade attendees from more than 30 countries, who showcased their latest products, technologies and services.

Despite making its debut at this exhibition, NGC group was able to garner positive feedback and attention for its MHB series of standard industrial gearboxes, its MLX vertical mill gearboxes and other products.

“One Belt One Road” brings NGC into Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest economy in southeast Asia, and has enjoyed an annual economic growth of around 5% in recent years, trailing only China and India in this regard. With the development of the “One Belt One Road” initiative, China and Indonesia are pushing forward to cooperate in all fields, and NGC will be looking for new opportunities in the huge Indonesian markets of railway, urban infrastructure and energy.

As a global leader in power transmissions, NGC established its Asian-Pacific Headquarters in Singapore in 2014. It oversees and supports the Asia Pacific market with outstanding service, advanced technology and reliable quality. Strategically partnered with Heidelberg, Indonesia National Power and other customers, it has continued to expand and develop its services in the Indonesian market.

NGC Asia Pacific placed great importance on this exhibition. Senior teams from sales, marketing and technical services attended and supported the exhibition to promote NGC’s brand awareness and reach out to potential target customers throughout the Southeast Asia region.

Local workforce from NGC Asia Pacific

“NGC Gearboxes” are a hit with customers

The MHB series of standard industrial gearboxes and the MLX vertical mill gearbox were presented at the exhibition. These provide transmission solutions for the building materials industry, as well as ports, mining equipment, sugar extraction, metallurgical machinery and many other industrial applications.

The MHB series features a high power density ratio and high cost performance, providing a torque range of 6,000Nm to 1,400,000Nm. Thanks to their modular design, the lead times for our products are both flexible and fast.

Vertical mill gearboxes are available at rated power ranges from 80kW to 8,000kW. Gearbox and planetary frames are analysed by means of FEM to optimize design, resulting in much smaller deformation and more stable operation. Its total thrust bearing device has been awarded a national patent.

NGC's first regional event in Southeast Asia attracted significant attention from different customers across various industries, who visited the booth to find out more about their products and services. They conducted in-depth discussions with us from a variety of different perspectives. Some customers from Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and other countries showed great interest in partnering with us after learning about the detail information of NGC’s products.

Customer discussions

Brand promotion

Manufacturing Indonesia, a window for the Southeast Asia market, with one of the best customer pools around, will open up new opportunities for NGC in terms of brand promotion and potential future business.

NGC was interviewed by catTHIS (a local media platform for online catalogue management) during the exhibition. All exhibitors and registered visitors will receive a video link to an online broadcast of the interview. NGC’s company profile and product catalogues will also be available for download on the online platform.

Sales Manager Jason being interviewed by social media

With the help of this new marketing platform, NGC hopes to expand its regional brand awareness and will continue in its commitment to providing customers with one-stop services and solutions that will surpass their expectations.


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