Another Great Achievement – NGC’s 7,800 kW Vertical Mill Reducer Successfully Put into Operation

Recently, NGCs MLXSS800M dual-planet vertical mill reducer was successfully put into operation. This slag vertical mill reducer was installed in the 21.5 million ton slag grinding production line of Luannan Lianxu Building Materials Co., LTD. The general contractor for this project was the Jiangsu Mountop Group. The products design rating is 7,800 kW, making it the largest model to date of NGCs M-series vertical mill gearbox platform.

In recent years, with a rapid increase in the use of slag, steel slag and tailings in the domestic cement industry, cement grinding equipment has become increasingly larger and heavier. The vertical dual-planet structure (first-level spiral umbrella + second-level planet) is an ideal and stable transmission solution for high-power vertical mill reducers. In 2009, NGC successfully developed a 3,600kW dual-planet vertical mill reducer. In 2011, this product passed the upgraded appraisal of the China Building Materials Association. The appraisal committee agreed that the overall performance of the product reached an advanced international level. After this, the same structural design brought forth the 5,400kW, 6,000kW, and 6,800Kw high power specifications, and now, NGC has achieved another breakthrough: the 7,800KW reducer is now good to go. This product provides a strong impetus for China to accelerate the comprehensive utilization of solid waste for a greener, more sustainable economy.

The 7,800kW vertical mill reducer was developed based on the new generation M-series vertical mill gearbox product platform, and uses dynamic simulation analysis and topology optimization technology, which can effectively reduces the impact of mill system vibrations on the gearbox and improves its reliability. At the same time, this gearbox can be equipped with NGCs Gear-Sight 3000 intelligent monitoring technology, to provide customers with product life cycle warning and maintenance services.

Focused on the field of gear transmission for over half a century, NGC has successfully provided transmission system solutions for numerous customers both at home and abroad. The development of the M-series platform relies on NGCs many years of accumulated experience and the industrial application of big data analysis. The whole series stands out thanks to its advanced modular concept, basic parts standardization and ultra-reliable technology, and all products can be equipped with an intelligent online monitoring system. The M-series offers the combined advantages of a short production cycle, high reliability, strong economies of scale, and low lifecycle costs. Based on the vertical mill gearbox samples and their own equipment design requirements, users can directly choose the most suitable product, or choose the nearest similar product and carry out design sizing changes so as to achieve the competitive advantage of shorter lead times.

After-sales service is an important part of improving the customer experience, and also one of NGCs biggest strengths. The M-series gearbox platform is based on the concept of modularization, intelligent design, and standardized parts, and the products are able to provide early fault warnings and diagnostic analyses. In this way, equipment maintenance and replacement of wearing parts can be carried out more quickly, in a predictable and targeted way, thus further improving the efficiency and quality of after-sales service and allowing customers to remain worry-free. (by Zhang Zunjian)


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