Going the Distance, Creating a Better Future -- The NGC Group 2018 Industrial Customers Day

As the golden fruits were harvested this October, friends both old and new gathered in Nanjing. NGC Group recently celebrated its 2018 Industrial Customers Day. Nearly 150 leading figures from the world of metallurgy, building materials, mining, ports, electric power, and many other industries gathered in Nanjing, to discuss prospects for the industry and how to build a better future.

The NGC Group 2018 Industrial Customers Day

NGC Group’s chairman and president, Mr. Hu Jichun, said in his welcoming speech that NGC Group, as one of the recognized leaders in China's transmission industry, as well as making significant strides in the wind energy business, has been continuously improving its R&D, production, QC, and management system with the help of its world-class clients. NGC Group will take these strengths to its Industrial Business Division, by increasing input and continuing to commit itself to providing the best products and best services for clients, and ensuring long-term, win-win relationships. “The industrial gearbox business is key for our future development. Under the joint efforts of all NGC staff, this division has achieved 20% growth over the past year.”

NGC Group’s chairman and president, Mr. Hu Jichun

Mr. Yang Xuetong, executive vice president of the China Machinery Industry Federation, said in his speech that the country's machine industry has maintained smooth and healthy growth in 2017, and has also made a good start towards the 13th Five Year Plan and its sustainable development goals. From January to August this year, our country’s mechanical industry continued to maintain its positive trends, with a primary business income of 16.78 trillion Yuan, 11.04% higher than the same period of the previous year. As the wind turbine industry has recovered, the parts and components industry has also showed improvement, with the gear industry achieving around 7% growth.

“NGC is one of the leaders in the mechanical components industry, which represents China’s ability to compete around the world, and is the pride of this country's machine industry." said Mr. Yang.

China Machinery Industry Federation, executive vice president, Mr. Yang Xuetong

Servicing customers, creating value for customers

NGC has always adhered to its business philosophy of “quality first, customers foremost, good quality service and good faith”. It has achieved this by identifying customer requirements when developing the market, embodying customer requirements in product designs, ensuring customer requirements throughout the manufacturing process, and meeting customer requirements through high quality service. Throughout its nearly 50 years of history, the NGC Group, together with key customers from all walks of life, especially the top industry leaders, have established long-term and extensive cooperation.

As the customer representative, China Sinoma International Engineering Co., LTD. (Nanjing)’s deputy general manager, Mr. Zhao Meijiang said, NGC has a long history of cooperation with Sinoma, achieving numerous milestones for the industry. In Sinoma’s opinion, NGC is an ambitious company focused on growth, as well as a trustworthy partner and a responsible supplier. The Group has always showed a fighting spirit, forging ahead in its determination to be the industry leader, and always seeking to increase perfection and customer focus in its service offerings. I hope that NGC, together with Sinoma, can create a good image for Chinese enterprises and Chinese products.

China Sinoma International Engineering Co., LTD. (Nanjing), deputy general manager, Mr. Zhao Meijiang

Taiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Co., LTD., deputy head of procurement, Mr. Peng Zhitian said that, ever since the 90s, NGC and Taiyuan Iron and Steel have had a very close partnership. He pointed out that, as a national brand in the industry, NGC has been pursuing the ideals of zero defect quality, and provided technical support and product replacement for Taiyuan Iron and Steel’s imported spare parts. He believes that NGC’s gearboxes can completely replace similar foreign products, even those produced by leading brands. Nowadays, international trade is becoming even tougher, and Taiyuan Iron and Steel is willing to join hands with NGC, such an excellent enterprise, to cooperate closely in replacing imported brands, and to ensure a win-win cooperation.

Taiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Co., LTD., deputy head of procurement, Mr. Peng Zhitian

Mr. Kobayashi Shisheng , procurement director at Primetals Technologies (Japan) , also said that, in their 15 years of cooperation, NGC continued to manufacture hot-rolled sheet master gearbox components for PTJ’s customers all over the world, including the Shanghai No. 1 Steel Plant, Turkey’s ISKENDERUN, India’s JSW, South Korea's POSCO, Taiwan’s Doragon Steel, Japan’s Nippon Steel, Brazil’s USIMINAS and many others. Primetals Technologies and NGC have long been working together towards a common goal. I hope that, in the future, both sides can dream together, hand in hand, to create a better future.

Primetals Technologies (Japan), procurement director, Mr. Kobayashi Shisheng

The Industrial gearbox business will become a new growth point for NGC

In line with the national policy of strengthening the country's manufacturing power, China has now ushered in a new era of opportunities for enterprises. However, friction in international trade has also brought uncertainty to the development of the industry. Making the move from "a big manufacturing power" to "a strong manufacturing power" prompted China to move towards higher quality output; NGC has therefore also strengthened its focus on localization to replace imported products.

According to NGC group’s Vice President and General Manager of the industrial business division, Mr. Wang Zhengbing, the company has experienced a "rebirth", with the industrial business division formulating "heavy", "light" and "soft" development strategies as early as last year. Specifically, NGC will continue to consolidate its strengths in the "heavy" industries, expand its market share in "light" industry products, and also improve its "soft" capabilities in customer service and intelligent product offerings.

NGC group vice president and general manager of the Industrial Business Division, Mr. Wang Zhengbing

As a technology-driven market leader, NGC has combined its expertise in advanced software design with its years of experience in the industry. This has led to accelerated product upgrading, with development trends gradually moving from long lead-time customized products to more standardized, platform-based products. This was one of NGC’s important strategic decisions based on market demands, changes in customer approach and internal development goals. I believe that, in the next 3 - 5 years, NGC’s industrial business will enter a new period of rapid development; NGC will become the most influential gearbox manufacturer and solutions provider in a variety of industries.

Focused on the market, a product development system that services our customers

On its Industrial Customer Day, NGC focused on the relevant industry players to promote its MBE series of bucket elevator gearboxes and standardized rod wire rolling mill gearboxes, and the MTG series of high speed gearboxes.

The MBE series of bucket elevator gearbox features an advanced modular design, which brings with it the advantages of short product delivery time, a reasonable and compact structure, large transmission power, and a highly reliable sealed structure. It can be widely used in transportation, for building materials and in the food industry.

As a core piece of equipment for the metallurgy industry, the wire rolling mill gearbox, developed in-house by NGC, has increased torque by 20%, bearing life by 66%, and energy consumption by 15% compared with similar products under the same conditions and of the same installation size. NGC's rolling mill products are the best choice for users to improve capacity and upgrade their systems. Up to the end of September, NGC has received 23 orders, which represents a truly outstanding performance.

NGC’s latest MTG series high speed gearbox can be widely used in the electric power, petroleum, chemical, metals and other industries, and is an important ancillary component for steam turbines, gas turbines, compressors, pumps and fans. It represents a leading Chinese brand within the industry, and a new generation of products developed by our experts at the NGC R&D center in Germany. This was carried out with the help of advanced design ideas and first-class calculation tools. Compared with similar Chinese products, the bearing capacity for the MTG range has improved significantly. Various other performance indicators, such as efficiency, vibration and noise, all reached advanced international standards, making NGC more competitive on the world stage of the high-end, high speed gearbox market. This marks the end of the long-term monopoly of a few foreign brands in this field.


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