6,800kW Dual Planetary Vertical Mill Reducer now on the Market

The first MLXSS700M dual planetary vertical mill reducer, designed and manufactured by NGC, has recently left the factory! The machine was designed for slag grinding, with a power of 6,800 kW, and is the most powerful M series vertical mill gearbox that NGC has ever manufactured.

NGC’s MLXSS700M Gearbox (an M series product)

In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s cement industry, the associated grinding and production equipment has become more and more large-scale and industrialized. The vertical style, double planetary structure (primary screw umbrella + secondary planet) is the best solution for ensuring a high power vertical mill reducer’s stable transmission structure. For years, NGC has designed and manufactured vertical dual planetary mill reducers from 3,300kW to 6,000kW. These have been operating reliably in China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, and have been well received by customers at home and abroad. Among these, the 3,600kW vertical double planetary mill reducer was identified as being of an advanced international level by the New Product Appraisal Committee of the China Building Materials Association. They also recognized the 5,400kW vertical double planetary mill reducer as one of the first major pieces of equipment in Jiangsu province. Recently, NGC has achieved a new breakthrough: the 6,800kW reducer has already been designed, manufactured, and successfully delivered.

An expert in the gear transmission field for nearly half a century, NGC has successfully provided transmission system solutions for numerous customers both at home and abroad. The development of the M series vertical mill gearbox product platform was based on NGC’s years of experience and big data analysis of industrial applications. It features an advanced modular concept, standardization of basic parts and highly reliable technology. This series of products has the advantages of a short development cycle, strong economies of scale, and a low overall cost. Based on product samples and end-user equipment design requirements, users can directly choose the most suitable product, or even modify the interface to suit their own needs, all the while ensuring a quick delivery.

After-sales service is an important consideration for NGC to improve customer satisfaction, and is also one of the company’s main strengths. Thanks to the M series platform design concept of “modularization and standardization of parts”, follow-up maintenance and replacement of wearing parts can be carried out much more quickly, thereby further improving service quality and efficiency, and guaranteeing peace of mind for customers. (by Zhang Zunjian)


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