Main Gearboxes

NGC Main Gearboxes 1.5 MW to 18.X MW

NGC supplies multi-MW wind gearboxes in standard as well as customized designs for various working conditions. Whether you need small-batches or high-volumes or production according to specifications - NGC realizes them all.

In the gearbox design process, the actual working conditions of wind turbines are well considered. All parts of the gearbox are accurately calculated and analyzed based on the load spectrum. To simulate the actual conditions, bench performance tests including an accelerated life test (HALT) and low-temperature tests (CCV) amongst others are carefully carried out.

Our products feature optimized torque density, high capacity, high efficiency, and high reliability, and work effectively at each condition.

NGC's gearbox solutions are used by well known turbine manufacturers domestic and aboard.

NGC offers main gearbox product platforms for the following systems:
1.5 MW   2.X MW   3.X MW   4.X MW   5.X MW   6.X MW   7.X MW   8.X MW   9.X MW   
10.X MW   11.X MW   12.X MW   13.X MW   14.X MW    15.X MW   16.X MW   18.X MW

Product Features

  • Induction hardened ring gears
  • High reliability and efficiency
  • From standardized to individually designed gearboxes


  • Onshore & offshore
  • Low & high altitude areas (> 1,000 m)
  • Low & high temperature environments (-40 °C to 50 °C )

Service and Support

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