Lifting, Mobile, Luffing Crane Gearboxes


Based on our standard gearbox design, NGC's MHK Series parallel shaft gearboxes with extended center distance for transmission devices on the converyor and transmission equipment have been developed for both, domestic and international markets. Most of the components originate from the MHB-platform, some for special industry appilcations.

Technical Data

Product Group MHK
Range of Ratio 14 - 250
Torque Range 11 - 470 kNm
Range fo Center Distance 472 - 1,990 mm


  • Based on modular design
  • Customized, compact design for different applications
  • Variable mounting structure with three-point housing
  • Large bearing capacity
  • Special tooth surface modification to improve stress distribution and reduce noise


  • Lifting mechanisms
  • Mobile machineries
  • Luffing mechanisms of cranes


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