Conveyor Gearbox


NGC's Standard gearboxes feature advantages of high efficiency, fast and flexible delivery, and high cost Performance. They can be used for vitually all kinds of conveying applications thanks to large torque ranges and comprehensive types.  Products of this series include helical and helical-bevel gearboxes.

Fest and felxible delivery is achieved by its modular design.  Gearboxes can be adapted to customer requirements easily and without delaying the delivery time. Main accessories are already included in the product list.

Technical Data

Product Group M, MP, MQ, JS ZY/ZD
Power Range 3 - 1,200 kW
Range of Ratio 6.3 - 450
Torque Range 2 - 1,400 kNm


  • Compact, modular design
  • Large bearing capacity
  • Tooth surface modification, lage teeth contact ratio
  • Smooth transmission
  • Low noise
  • Various sealings
  • Various accessories


  • Material handling


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