Converter Tilting Devices


Converter tilting devices are used for tilting and accurately positioning the furnace bodies in oxygen top-blown converters and steelmaking equipment, and in finishing a series of technological operations. This can include converting to add molten iron, tapping steel, adding materials, and repairing furnaces.

NGC’s converter tilting device primarily incorporates an AC variable frequency motor, a primary reducer, a secondary reducer, and a torque arm balancing device. It utilizes four-point meshed fully-suspended flexible driving type, and movement balancing mechanism is a torque arm device. The related core technology of the primary reducer of NGC’s converter tilting device has obtained national patents. The main accessories incorporate top-quality brands to ensure that the performances of the whole device are safe and reliable.

Technical Data

Weight 30 - 300 t
Range of Ratio 520 - 1,200
Torque Range up to 6,500 kNm
Overload Torque 15,000 kNm


  • Large torque transmission
  • Fully-suspended flexible structure


  • Converter steelmaking equipment