Chain Conveyor Gearbox


NGC’s chain conveyor gearboxes are designed with a hard-surface heavy-duty exterior. They are manufactured to withstand extreme conditions in underground coal mines. The chain conveyor gearboxes can be used at working plane inclination angles up to 30° and at maximum walking angle of 20°. With large-power chain conveyor gearbox being lubricated using an oil pump to ensure safe lubrication on inclines.

Technical Data

Product Group JS
Power Range 40 - 1,600 kW
Range of Ratio 3.5 - 40


  • Customized, compact design for different applications
  • Large bearing cpacity
  • Tooth surface modification, lage teeth contact ratio
  • Smooth transmission
  • Low noise
  • Special shaft seal design
  • Critical load test to ensure high gearbox reliability
  • Design of large inclination and walking angle


  • Flexible chain conveyors
  • Loaders
  • Crushers


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