Center Drive Gearboxes
Series MFY, MFYT


Because of their large power capacity needed for center drive gearboxes MFY and MFYT, NGC’s power shutting systems are effective in this application. The auxiliary drive device is installed at the rear side of the main motor or arranged between the main motor and the main gearbox.

For the latest generation of Planetary Center Drives, please see NGC's Modular Planetary Gearboxes.

Technical Data

Design 2 types
Sizes 33
Transmission Stages 2 or 3
2-stages (power split structure)
3-stages (parallel gears + power split structure)
Range of Ratio up to 100
Rated Power 800 - 8,000 kW


  • Optimized meshing accuracy of gears
  • Housing and planetary carriers designed by FEM for stable operation
  • Low noise
  • High efficiency
  • Highly reliable
  • Compact design, ideal power-weight ratio
  • Easy to operate and maintain


  • Cement processing
  • Grinding in the mining industry
  • Tube mills